Lessons Learned from 2020

2020. It felt like three years wrapped in one to many. Others felt it flew by. Some business continued to prosper in the crazy “new-normal-that’s-not-really-normal” brought on with the introduction of COVID. Other businesses struggled. Some had to close completely. As a company, we were thankful to be considered essential, to continue being able to help our customers navigate the murky waters of something none of us had ever faced before, meeting their needs and providing solutions for their businesses to continue to run safely and keep their people employed. But when we heard of customers, friends and neighbors, whose temporary closings ended up becoming permanent, our hearts were grieved. Together with the rest of the world, we were all brought face to face with the reality of life’s frailty and uncertainty, something we had been taking for granted before.

As we look back on 2020 and look forward to 2021, let’s try to remember the lessons we’ve learned during the past year, taking them into this new year, and hopefully living wiser, happier and more hopeful lives.

Here are a few lessons we feel are worth remembering:

  1. Nothing is guaranteed. Things can change very quickly, and things that we had thought would never change did. We aren’t promised tomorrow, and certainly not a tomorrow that will be just the same as today.
  2. Since nothing is guaranteed, we should take nothing for granted. Enjoy and be thankful for every moment, every friendship, every family member, every little thing. You sometimes don’t realize what you had till it’s gone, and then it’s too late to go back and show your appreciation the way you’d want to.
  3. Laugh! With fears facing us all in the wave of sudden uncertainties, the intensity can seem like it’s going to crush you. But, in the midst of the troubles, never lose your sense of humor. Keep smiling. Keep laughing. Keep you eyes open for things that are good and enjoyable. Keep a positive outlook for tomorrow. Just as quickly as things can change for the worse, they can change for the better, too.
  4. Hindsight is 2020. As we move into 2021, many of us will have a different, new perspective on life, business, family, etc. based on our experiences throughout 2020. When we look back, may it be only to remember the lessons we learned, whether through our mistakes or advice we received. Carefully reviewing the past should be for the sake of learning from both the good and bad. Just don’t park your car in the past. That’s not how you move forward.