Invest in your Community

What is your favorite thing about your community? Is it the friendliness of the people? The fact that you grew up there? The nostalgic feel of the little restaurant that a couple just opened up in an old building downtown? Or maybe the store that’s been owned by the same family for 15+ years and whenever you walk in you are greeted by your first name? Are there improvements you’d like to see happen in your community? Better roads or funding for schools? Nicer parks? Regardless of your answer, the fact is that you care about where you live. You want to see your neighborhood thrive as a safe and prosperous place. You want to see that the children in your area have a safe and pleasant place to grow-up before they make their debut into the world. You know you love your community and you want to support it in whatever way you can. We’ve all heard the popular “Go Local”, “Shop Local”, “Buy Local”, mantras promoting the growth of local, independently owned businesses. But what difference does that really make? Isn’t shopping at those businesses about the same as shopping at national chains? Not anywhere close! It seems that according to studies, the impact is greater than what might be imagined, and the results over time can be better than we think- not just for the local business owners, but for us and our communities, too. Did you know that when you spend money at a local business, […]