My Office Etc’s October Pet Costume Contest- Join the fun!

It’s that time again- time for our second annual Pet Costume Contest! Last year we had our first Pet Costume Contest and, boy, was it fun! So, we’re doing it again this year 😊 Here’s how it works: Take a picture of your pet all dressed up. Then, send us the picture either by email at, or you can post it on our Facebook page with the hashtag #moepetcontest. All entries must be received by midnight October 28th. Please note we are allowing only one photo entry per person. Judges will review all entries and the winners will be announced on November 1st. We will have prizes for first, second and third place winners. Last year, participants made it really hard for the judges to choose. Let’s make it even harder this year! Got questions? Feel free to call us at 970-686-5218 or toll free at 866-686-5218.

Are You Ready?

Do you have a plan for your business in case the unexpected should happen? No one expects an accident to happen or an emergency to arise, but they do happen and will arise. And, while we cannot imagine everything that could potentially go wrong, it is important to be as prepared as possible for natural disasters and other kinds of emergencies. Every business should process through what kinds of emergencies they could encounter and create a plan for handling each situation. Then they should take that plan and train everyone in the company on implementation. That way no one gets caught off-guard, not knowing what to do or where to go when the need to take emergency action arises. To get you started with emergency preparedness, here are a few things you’ll need to start thinking about. First off, identify your risk. Here’s what we mean by that. Many things we already know we should be prepared for simply based on where we live, what kind of work we do and what kinds of natural disasters and emergencies are more common in our area. Here in Northern Colorado, we may not need to think about hurricane preparedness, but we should have a safety plan for tornadoes and flash floods. Employees working in an oil field will likely have a higher risk of serious accidents and should have an adequate first aid kit in their vehicles and a good action plan ready should an accident occur. Those working in an office …