A Cup of Cheer

It’s already been said, but this has been a tough year for everyone. People are ready for a bit of reprieve and some joy to relieve the stress of the uncertainties and restraints that have been weighing us all down in one way or another. Whether or not it’s been said with words, our actions have displayed we need a little Christmas. This year not only are stores marketing for Christmas early, but we’ve seen friends and neighbors start decorating for Christmas earlier than ever before- some people even decorating who never really decorated in the past! We’re all getting in line for that “cup of cheer” that Burle Ives sang about in “Holly, Jolly Christmas.” So, in response to that, and in the spirit of the season, we wanted to come up with some ideas for handing out cups of cheer and enjoying some warm mugs of your own, as well! Some of these ideas are more geared toward your community, while others are geared towards friends, and still others towards you and your families. But we think that all of these “cups of cheer” will help you to forget your own troubles, at least for a while, and have a hollier, jollier Christmas. 1. Decorate! (If you haven’t already.) Decorating and stringing lights not only brings cheer to you and your family, but everyone who goes by your house will feel their spirits lift when they see a festive display. It doesn’t have to be a huge display, […]