Needless to say, this year has been quite a wild ride for all of us. None of us entered into 2020 thinking that it would take such a drastic turn. Stress and frustration levels for many have risen as we’ve faced unexpected challenges from something that we’ve had little to no control over. There have been fears for the present and fears for the future in the wake of a pandemic that still carries somewhat of a sense of ambiguity with it and makes for continued uncertainty. Not to mention riots and unrest throughout our nation. With all these events compiling added stress in our personal lives and places of employment, how can we navigate through these uneasy waters and make it through to the other side without developing a dark outlook on life and work? How do we keep these things from closing in around us and casting a dark cloud over our home, work and mental environment? Embrace thankfulness. According to studies conducted by the University of Southern California, along with an article by Amy Morin in Psychology Today, thankfulness, or gratitude, seems to be linked with health and stress relief. Not only that, but gratitude can have a lasting positive effect on the brain and encourage the development of resilience, even after a traumatic experience. Perhaps you would not rate the events of this year and how they’ve affected you as “traumatic.” But then again, maybe you would. Regardless of our circumstances, thankfulness can help us to […]