7 questions to help you decide

Chair Mats: aren’t they just another unnecessary expense? 7 questions to help you decide If you’re anything like me, you’d rather not spend money on something you don’t really need. You have to know why you need it, determine if it’s a true need or an artificial “need,” and if it’s something that you can continue to live happily without, even if everyone else considers it a necessity. Maybe you don’t relate to that and are already convinced I must be a stick-in-the-mud. Please keep reading anyway- you’ll still benefit from the information I’m going to share! Because of this reluctancy of mine to part with hard-earned dollars, I’ve often wondered, what’s the big deal about chair mats? Why do I need one? Is it really necessary to have one, or does that fall in the category of products that “feel” helpful, whether they truly are or not, and therefore there is a market for them? (The popcorn bowl that filters out un-popped kernels comes to mind right now. Yes, it’s a fun concept, but is it really beneficial enough for me to give up the bucks for it? Nope. Besides, I like to eat the kernels occasionally, too.) It may sound silly that I’ve questioned the necessity of chair mats, especially since I work for an office supply company that sells chair mats. But just because I work in the office doesn’t mean that I’m an expert on all the products we offer. After hearing so much about chair […]